In July, I will have been teaching indoor cycling for five years! Hard to believe, considering at one point, the thought of taking a spin class scared the you-know-what out of me. I started teaching one class a week in 2011, and more recently, I am up to 2-3 a week. However, I am now to the point where I am definitely in a comfort zone as far as fitness. But I was open to a rude awakening this week!


I agreed to step in and take on a Cycle Pump class for 6 weeks, thinking, “sure, I can do another cycle class with a couple songs with weights.” I taught my first class on Monday and I asked for feedback since I am the newbie instructor. I had two people tell me (thankfully) that the class needed to be more challenging and have more “off the bike” time. Long story short, I had to re-vamp my workouts for this class, and it’s been eye-opening. I am incorporating plyo, dumbbells, body weight exercises, and of course, cardio. I did a test run tonight and it was tough! It made me realize that I need to step out of my comfort zone more often when it comes to fitness. If I want to make changes with my body, I have to be willing to make the changes in my lifestyle – including exercise. I have become so complacent with my classes, I didn’t even stop to think why it had become so easy for me. I need a new challenge!

Will I keep it up? I hope so! I am only teaching this class for 5 more weeks – but I hope to be able to make changes in my own workouts to always improve my health!


How do you get out of a fitness comfort zone? Comment below!

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