I work out 5-6 days a week, which includes the 2-3 spin classes I teach. A lot of people ask me how I stay motivated. I would be lying if I said I feel like going to the gym each and every day. I don’t! I get burnt out or just feel incredibly lazy some days.

Today was one of those days. I almost talked myself out of going, but I went anyway. While I was getting started on my warm up, I could tell I just didn’t have 100% of the energy I usually have. Then I remembered that I donated blood less than 24 hours ago, so that could definitely be affecting my energy level! I still finished my workout, making sure to not push myself too hard. By the end, I felt great, and was glad I made myself go in.


There can be many reasons you don’t have the motivation to work out. It could be boredom, laziness, illness, or exhaustion, just to name a few. According to Robert Reames, CSCS, Gold’s Gym Fitness Institute trainer, if you are absolutely too exhausted to work out, you should skip it. He suggests having a rest day can be more beneficial than a mediocre workout. That way you can be more powerful for your next workout. He also says if you don’t want to miss the workout, considering modifying it to something less intense.

If you’re sick, it really is going to depend on what kind of illness you have. Typically, if it’s just a cold, you will be fine to exercise, just be sure to take it easy. However, if you have a fever or the flu, you should probably take a break until the fever is gone. Your body needs the rest to heal itself, and your immune system will be weakened even further if you decide to work out. Also keep in mind if you exercise at a gym, you don’t want to spread the nasty germs to you fellow gym rats! This article on WebMD can help you decide if you should take a rest or not.

Popsugar has quiz to determine if you are really too tired or if you’re just making an excuse not to exercise. In the end, listen to your body – it’s usually right! But be sure to push yourself when you are feeling well. Discomfort is okay; Pain isn’t.

If you think boredom with your exercise routine is to blame, stay tuned for my next #WellnessWednesday blog on how to get out of a workout rut!


One thought on “Tough Day at the Gym?

  1. Great tips!! I have never regretted a workout afterwards. However, I almost always regret not working out. Someone wiser than me said that once.


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